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We audit new crypto projects
systematically and professional


We look into the team and openess they communicate. We evaluate their credibility and chances on success.

Token Utility

Is there a business model or utility connected to the project, and how can we quantify the value.

Distribution of Tokens

We look deeper in who owns initially what. We warn on over-evaluation and RUGs. Whale abusing projects.

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We work with industry
auditing agencies.

Assessments are done internally or externally, depending on the complexity of the project.

  • We look through a pre-defined checklist.
  • Calculation of risks, liquidity & credibility.
  • Identification of the team socials and known history.
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Create easy to understand
reports for all users.

Our goal is to not overcomplicate the process
and evalauation of a new token. We only want to protect our members for getting scammed, rug or phissed.

  • We are in collaboration with
  • Our network includes MBA, PHD and engineering scholars.
  • Audits are not valid investing tools.
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What you want to know
from us?

What is Dolphin Network

We are a network, community that focusses on researching and reviewing new and excisting interesting tokens launched in the crypto space. As currently this is an under regulated space we just connect people to discuss and asses newly launched concepts. We go deeper into the token teams, business utilisation, tokenomics and token potential. We rate pre-sale initiatives. At no point in time we advise or recommend any projects.

Who are we?

We are nothing more than just a bunch of likely interested and motivated investors, traders, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. Our admin team consists out of self made millionaires, economy majors, consultants, directors from various industries. Our mission is to only connect with and like minded people from all over the world.

How to join our network?

Joining our movement is free and you can join by connecting to either our discord or telegram group. Please note that we request members to actively participate on our channels we have a strong member curation policy at all time. This to avoid scammers, bots or rugpullers of entering our community.

Can I request a token review?

Yes, every member is free to submit a ticket on discord. The moderator will asses every requeust and answer within a few hours. If the token is eligble for a full indepth research the team will work on this as soon as possible.